National – Disaster Services

Twice in 2016, Louisiana was hit by flooding. First in February in Northern Louisiana, then in August in Baton Rouge. Both times Trusted World answered the call.

Total relief provided for both areas were:

90,000+ packed meals (rice, soy, beans…)
1,000+ canned and packaged food
300+ packs of toiletries
6,000+ articles of clothing
10,000+ diapers and wipes
20,000+ servings of baby food
3,000+ first aid items

We are still providing resources to the Louisiana area. According to Disaster Response Agencies it can take from 3 months to 3 years to recover from having your house flooded. Some people just lose their home, others work locally and lose both their homes and their job.

Trusted World provides resources well after the flood waters recede.

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