We are currently shipping about 500,000 meals a month into the Kurdish area to help provide meals for the refugees.

There are over 2.7 million refugees in the Northern Kurdish Territory in Iraq. Most of these refugees are children. Most of them only have what they were able to carry when they were forced out of their homes. For those forced out in the middle of summer, carrying winter clothing was not an option.  Winter is here, for some of the refugees, it’s back.  Many of the refugees did not make it through the last winter.

You hear about ISIS nearly every day in the news. You hear about how it’s advancing throughout Iraqi and Syrian villages and killing any who are unwilling to convert to it’s radical beliefs.  But you may not have heard as much about the Iraqi and Syrian families that are literally fleeing for their lives from ISIS. Many of them have escaped to the mountainous region of Northern Iraq where they’ve found safety under the protection of the Kurdish army.

Trusted World has partnered with many of the larger food packing organizations in the United States and is providing up to 500,000 meals a month to these refugees. Trusted World works closely with the Denton program which allows humanity organizations to ship food and resources on empty space on military transports to areas around the world who are in need.

Forming Alliances

Trusted World has formed an alliance with the Barzoni Foundation of Kurdistan to help provide for the basic needs of these refugees. Trusted World is shipping food, water, shelter medical supplies, etc. to Kurdistan and the Barzoni Foundation is assuring that these supplies get to the needy refugee families as quickly as possible.

Need Your Help

But we need your help as well as we continue these life-giving supplies. We’re asking you to give a little to provide help and hope for these refugee families who, otherwise, will most likely face:

  • Malnutrition and starvation;
  • Water-borne disease;
  • A lack of medical supplies and life saving drugs;
  • Exposure to the harsh elements of the Kurdish mountains, and
  • No hope for the future.

There are two ways you can help

Step 1: make a small donation of $10, $20, $50, or $100 (whatever is small to you!), to help provide for the basic needs for these refugees.

Step 2: Share the story of these refugees with your friends and family though social media (and other channels) and ask them to give a little too.

The result is a lot of people giving a little.

And together, we’ll be able to provide a lot of help to a group of oppressed people who desperately need our support.

Want to do more? Find out how you can become a Trusted Enthusiast and represent Trusted World at your company, your church, your university, your community or at events.

  • Help us provide warmth for refugee children. There are over 2 million refugees in the Northern Kurdish Territory in Iraq. Most of these refugees are...
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