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Our mission statement is:

“Trusted World is committed to providing the best resources, for free, to people or organizations who are providing services on someone else’s behalf.”

How do we do this?

We take in clothing donations from all over North Texas and we sort them by style, size and gender. When then provide these items online for other non profits to order.  This way an organization can order exactly what they need for their client without having to worry about the space and labor it takes to get these items.

There are no wasted items. The organization gets the exact sizes they need for their clients by ordering them online. This allows the organization to focus on their core efforts without spending any extra time trying to find the right resources for their clients.

This video shows you how we provide these services.

IMG_7818Our Service Center is designed to assist the organization/case manager who is trying to help people in North Texas but don’t know where to get the resources in order to make it happen.

Our Service Center is full of clothing, shoes, food and other resources to help any organization manage their client better. Our volunteers sort through donations and put them in the proper bin so they can be picked later to fulfill an order that we get from our Network.

IMG_7819We have clothing in all sizes for men, women, boys, girls, toddler and babies. We also have dress clothes to help make your client look good for their job interview.

We are currently serving transition houses, police departments, fire departments, sheriff’s departments, schools, halfway homes, church benevolence and many others. Our service area is all of North Texas.

IMG_7825We get fresh, canned, packaged and boxed food on a regular basis. All of our items are barcoded, counted and go through quality checks to make sure we are providing the best service we can.

Once an order is fulfilled it is either picked up by the organization or delivered by one of our volunteers. We have relationships with organizations and companies all over North Texas that provide us the resources that we hand out.

We do not work directly with the public.  We only work through organizations, homes or case managers. We do not do any case management work.

If your organization would like to join our Network, please follow this link and fill out the application.

Volunteer opportunities for the Service Center can be found at this link

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Our Current Cause

Trusted World Service Centers

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Our Service Centers are located in Allen and Garland Texas. Each facility is a 1,000 sqft that houses clothing, food and other necessities. As like any operation it cost money to operate a facility. It requires a lease, electric and gas. In addition to the basic needs, and because of our commitment to quality, we also have the expense of technical services, servers, software creation and updates. We also use boxes, tape, shipping supplies, computers…  We are no different than any other operation except that we don’t charge for our services.  Yet, these expenses still need to be met. With your help we...
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