Portable Water Kits

Trusted World has partnered with H2GO to provide Sustainable personal water purification.

The H2gO® Purifier GLOBAL is low cost, easy to use, and makes disin- fectant for up to 20 L of water in minutes. It is truly sustainable, offering no maintenance cost or resupply logistics. The purifier converts common salt into a powerful sterilizing solution that more than meets require- ments for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Safe Water System

Some facts about the H2GO system

Effective – kills virus, bacteria, and protozoa*h2go

• Low Cost Investment – inexpensive purchase price with virtually cost-free operation

• Sustainable – no consumables or logistics – uses only common salt

• No Pumping Required – no clogging or replacing expensive filter cartridges

• Rapid Process for Large Volumes – generates disinfectant for 20 L (5 gal) within 5 minutes. Volume options include 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 L (1⁄4, 1⁄2, 11⁄4, 21⁄2, and 5 gal).

• Lasting Disinfectant Properties – keeps stored water safe to drink and prevents biofilm growth in containers

• Simple, Easy Operation – use any water and any salt
• Good Tasting Water
• High Lifetime Capacity – makes over 124,000 L** (32,000 gal**) of potable water

• Long-Lived Battery Charge – full battery charge treats 300 L** (80 gal**) at standard dose. Charge via USB in 4 hours or integrated solar panel in 24 hours of sunlight. Solar treats 5 L** (over 1 gal**) per hour of charging.

• Integrated Salt Supply – 30 mL (1 oz) brine bottle holds 10 doses, yielding up to 200 L (50 gal) of potable water. Device has two integrated salt reservoirs,
each yielding up to an additional 200 L (50 gal).

• Integrated LED Flashlight
• Durable – designed to meet military standards • Lightweight – 108 g (3.8 oz) for purifier
• Compact Design 

  • Device: 4.3 cm W x 9.2 cm H x 2.8 cm D (1.7” W x 3.625” H x 1.1” D)
  • Brine Bottle: 4.5 cm W x 8.5 cm H x 2.4 cm D
  • (1.8” W x 3.3” H x 0.9” D)

A family of four can treat 20 L** (5 gal**) of water with a single dose on a daily basis, allowing 5 L** (11⁄4 gal**) per person per day. This volume can be sustained for two weeks with- out recharging the battery. 

* Inactivates virus, bacteria, and Giardia in 30 minutes
and Cryptosporidium in 4 hours when dosed per instructions.

**Volumes are based on a standard single dose in alignment with
World Health Organization (WHO) Household Water Treatment & Safe Storage Guidelines for destroying bacteria and viruses. Protozoan cysts require dosing in excess of the standard.

If you wish to purchase a water kit for yourself you can follow this link Cost is $100 plus $25 for shipping and handling.

If you wish to donate $100 to have a kit sent to someone on our waiting list, click here.