Trusted World Enthusiast

What is an enthusiast?

According to Webster’s, the definition is “one who is ardently attached to a cause, object, or pursuit

What does that look like for Trusted World?

Someone that likes what we do so much that they help spread the word about our mission.

What does one have to do to become a Trusted Enthusiast?

  • Share our newsletter with others
  • Share our posts on social media
  • Volunteer in our service center
  • Financially support us monthly
  • Find businesses willing to have a drop off bin at their location
  • Help place flyers in stores
  • Let people who have garage sales in their neighborhood know that Trusted World will take any left of clothing and shoes
  • Visit our business sponsors and let them know you heard about them from us
  • Start a collection drive in your neighborhood, school, church, business or organization.

We are even looking for new ideas. Write us and tell us how you can be a Trusted Enthusiast