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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers make our world go around

It is YOU that makes the difference. Support us by volunteering your time and skills.

The following volunteer opportunities are available:

Donation Sorting

We are looking for people to sort, fold and put away the items that are donated to us at our Service Center in Allen Texas. This could include clothing, boxed or canned food, toiletries and other items.


Collection Drives

We are looking for people, groups, organizations and companies who are willing to collects bags of clothing, shoes, canned/dry foods and toiletries.

How to have a successful drive.

  • Work with your neighbors, friends, coworkers or family.
  • Decide what kind of donation drive you want to do. Clothing, shoes, canned/dry food or toiletries.
  • Decide how you are going to promote your drive. Door to door? Social Media?
  • Decide on a goal. How many bags or items?
  • Decide where you will store them until you can drop them off or arrange a pick up.

Email us if you have any questions

You don’t need to sign up to organize this event.  You can do it at any time that is convenient for you.   If you have collected a lot of bags and would like to schedule a pick up…

Click here to email us to schedule a pick up