The short term plan is to treat the standing water that is being used for drinking and convert it into clean water for drinking on “Day One”. This will give the locals clean water immediately. The long term is to get wells dug as soon as we can get crews into the area. Digging well can be expensive, it takes time to schedule the digging and sometimes the trucks can’t get to the location of the village because of poor road conditions.

We met these children on our last visit to Ethiopia. They found it amusing that we stopped to talk to them. We asked them what they were doing and they answered us ” Getting water”. We asked them “what are you going to use the water for?” They smiled and said “Everything”. We then asked them “are you going to drink it too?” Now they giggled at us and said “yeah!”

According to the Ministry of Health

This scene is typical for many children in Africa. Many children, and adults, spend hours getting water, and it is not always clean water. According to the Ministry of Health 95% of the hospital beds in Ethiopia are filled because of someone drinking unsanitary water or lack of clean water. It is one of the biggest problems that this country, along with the rest of Africa, is faced with.

Hospital Beds95%

We understand the need for drilling wells, however we also understand that there is a lot of standing water that people use for cooking and drinking. This small Chlorine unit can produce enough drinkable water for 5000 people every day! By Converting salt water into chlorine the unit is used to produce the bacteria and disease fighting solution that is mixed with the local water supply. This makes the water fit for human consumption, it takes standing water and makes it drinkable water. Sickness and disease from waterborne illnesses are drastically reduced and often times eliminated! In other words Clean Water.

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Water Facts

Humans need water to live, plain and simple. We lose water through sweat, urine, feces and even breathing. This water needs to be replaced in order for our organs to continue to work properly. In severe heat, an adult can lose as much as 1.5 liters of water through sweat alone [source: Scientific American]. The main risk without water in high heat is that your body temperature will continue to rise and you’ll suffer from heat stroke. Drinking water will cool you down and lower your core temperature.

You’ll experience the following:

Mild Dehydration:
Lack of saliva
Decreased frequency of urine
Decreased output of urine
Deep color and strong odor in urine
Moderate Dehydration:
Even less urine
Dry mouth
Dry and sunken eyes
Rapid heartbeat
Severe Dehydration:
No urine
Lethargy and irritability
Vomiting and diarrhea

The final stage of dehydration is shock. This is characterized by blue-gray skin that’s cold to the touch. A severe drop in blood pressure produces this coolness.


Provide Clean Drinking Water

Give them a chance

Help provide water treatment kits to the families in the areas that we serve.

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