Serving Organizations Within Your Community

Find out how Trusted World is changing the way nonprofits work


Providing resources so schools can take care of the whole family.


Empowering police to provide resources to the people that they serve.


Letting nonprofits focus on their core functions. Allowing them to make room to help more people.

What Resources Does Trusted World Provide?

Let's take a look.

Our Core Services

Trusted World provides the best resources, at no cost, to organizations and individuals working on someone else’s behalf.

Size specific clothing for every member of the family.
We allow our partners to order a weeks worth of food for the number of people they are serving.
Our toiletries kit has 8 essential items

Other Services


Trusted World's Partner Portal

Giving our partners control over how they place and see the status of their orders.

Ability to place and see past orders

Our partners can place new orders and see past orders.

Details on order status

Our partners know where their order is and when it will arrive or be available for pickup.

Details on the order

Our partners can see items details on every order. Allowing them to see what they already provided to a family or student/client.

The Police Portal

Allowing Police Officers the ability to place an order while on a call.

Order from car computer
Officers can place an order right from their car computer.
Delivering recourses personally
Officers can deliver the resources to the families they worked with during a call.

The Police Portal

Allowing police officers to order resources while on a call.

Order by phone
Ordering resources right from their cell phone or tablet..
Ordering from their car computer
Allowing officers to order from their car computer.
Delivering resources
The officer can return to the family with the resources they need.

Trusted Directory

All of our partners are listed in one place for all of our partners to see.

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