Working With Police and Advocates

 Creating systems to allow police to order resources while on a call

Working Directly with the Police

Helping Police Help People

North Texas Police

Trusted World works with North Texas police departments in various ways. Our most common request comes from the crime victims advocates. When an individual living in a less desirable situation decides to leave, Trusted World is there. Working with crime victim advocates, Trusted World provides the essential resources to stabilize a family by providing critical resources and allowing the advocate to focus on the proper counsel and support. Once an advocate places an order with Trusted World, clothing, food, and personal care items are delivered as quickly as possible, many times the same day.

Helping Police Respond Faster

To someone that is in need



Place an order while responding to a call

Trusted World developed the ‘Officers App.’ The officer’s app allows the officer to place an order to Trusted World right from their cell phone or car computer while on the call. Allowing police to react to the family or individuals needs as quick as possible.

For additional information on our Officers App or to learn how your department can access it as well email [email protected]

In Their Words...

“Trusted World has helped our department assist many members of the community who have needed assistance with basic human needs (food and clothing), without hesitation. Our department is extremely grateful to have you in our list of resources. We are currently trying to get the word out to our officers so that we can utilize your services on a regular basis, for those who need them. Your organization has eliminated the need to search for certain resources, which takes up valuable time, and has made the process of helping others quick and efficient!” –  Emalie Wall, Victims Advocate, Garland Police Department

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