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Thanks to you Trusted World, collected, processed and delivered over $13 million in resources to those affect by the 2017 hurricane season. On behalf of them, thank you for providing their lives with dignity again. During the collection drive, Trusted World worked with a variety of agencies and companies in...
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"Helping People Help People"


Who We Serve

Police Departments, Schools, Transition Homes, Agencies…
Being a member of the Trusted World Network is more than just being part of a group. It is more like being part of a family
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100 Million
795 Million
Without Food
783 Million
Without clean water
2.25 Billion
Living in poverty
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We have many ways where you can help. From local opportunities, to work done around the world.


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Helping others

Find out more about what we do and how you can help us.  We love helping people out and getting them back on their feet.


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Service Center

Our Service Center provides resources for case manager and organizations serving in North Texas.

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