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Providing resources where they are needed most.


We created a process where nonprofits benefit the most

We tell nonprofits to focus on what they do best, we got their back.


Size specific clothing for the entire family

Nonperishable Food

Sustainable food with the right amount of servings

Personal Care Items

Soap, shampoo, toothbrush, deodorant and more


Technology fueled by User Experience

Trusted World uses partner feedback to create the best processes

Trusted World created a process that lets nonprofits focus on their core functions and order resources right from their desk computer. 

Caseworkers can order size-specific clothing for their clients using a user-friendly ordering process. Our process also lets them track their current orders in addition to seeing all their past orders. 

Trusted World Network Partners can also see a directory of all the other network partners so they can direct their clients to the best resources around.


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Trusted Partners

Trusted World is changing the way Nonprofits work

The space the nonprofit or agency used for their clothes closet might now provide space to see more clients or offer more services. Using Trusted World's services, a nonprofit agency can increase its value to the community without increasing its budget

Technology is always evolving

See the Change

Trusted World eliminates our partner's need for a clothes closet - giving the storage space back to the staff. Many nonprofits receive their in-kind donations from the local community, but storing, sorting and sizing this clothing can be overwhelming.

Trusted World collects resources- clothing, food, and toiletries from all over North Texas. Each item is inspected, sorted by size, gender, and style, then placed in an online ordering system accessible to local nonprofits and agencies. Once an order is placed, the requested items are packaged and made available to the nonprofit or agency within 48 hours. This ensures the individual or family receives access to essential resources without the need for transportation or extra time to visit a clothing closet or food pantry.


Resources delivered!

We deliver directly to our partners so they can focus on their job. Which allows them to spend more time helping their client.

Take a look at some of our partners

These are just a small sample of our network partners


Partners' Testimonials

Josiah Luttrell Simon's House Recovery

“It would be too easy to point out the obvious; clothing, toiletries and food for our guys giving us more time to focus on our mission of helping them rebuild their lives.The real value Trusted World brings is dignity. It is hard to think of yourself as a somebody when all you have is the old, dirty, torn clothes that you are wearing and nothing else. Any clothing bank can supply old cast-off clothing that nobody wants. Trusted World brings clothing that not only appear to be new, but color coordinated and relevant, along with hygiene products to get cleaned up and smelling good. Men go from being ashamed of what they look like to excited to go to a job interview. Dignity in a plastic bag, apparently it can be packaged.”

Patsy Prochnow Parent Liaison, Sigler Elementary School Plano ISD

During shelter in place orders here in Plano, I wondered about getting clothing to families who needed it. I was so pleased to receive an email from Trusted World saying they were still open! However, I wondered how I would get the clothes to the family, since we were not in school anymore. After emailing back and forth, I called Courtney Weaver and she told me that you would be glad to deliver the clothing and food to the homes of our families!!! Thank you so, so much!! What literal life savers you have been! God Bless You All and Keep you safe and healthy!!

ShaCalya Daniels Case Worker, Bridge North Texas

Trusted World has been a great asset for my clients and have provided a boost of confidence for those that may be unable to afford nice clothes for their first day of work. I have also receive thank you emails from a few that our housed that appreciate the food boxes. Here is the latest response from a young male: “Thank you again for dropping of the boxes. There were canned goods like vegetables and spaghetti sauce..I also got cereal and some canned fruit as well as cured meat and my favorite peanut butter Even without direct contact you are always on point so thank you again for everything”. Thanks for everything!

Lisa Mumford Ebby House Program Director

Trusted World has helped us add another level of care for The Ebby House. By removing our own clothes closet from our offices and using Trusted World for our clothing and food needs for our residents, we have been able to open usable space for our coaches and mentors, as well as creating a quiet space for our residents. Your services are now a vital part of our community work. Thank you all for helping us use our space more effectively and serving our clients.”

Jeanne Reinelt Red Cross Client Casework Supervisor, Disaster Action Team Captain

Trusted World has been a godsend to our clients who have lost their possessions in a home fire. The clothing you have provided has enabled children to return to school and parents to return to work. We also appreciate the care and speed with which you respond to requests. Getting clothing quickly to a family that has only the clothes on their back and finding the right outfit for a teen to wear is critical. You have helped to restore their dignity and ability to move ahead; both are critical parts of recovery. On behalf of the Dallas Chapter of the American Red Cross, thank you Trusted World!