Trusted World

School Partnerships

When Trusted World partners with schools we encourage the counselors not to just help the child, but to help the entire family.

What is Trusted World's impact?

A school counselor or teacher comes across a child or family struggling. They know this because the child is wearing the same clothes every day, not because they want to, but because that is the only clothing option. Or the child is struggling with his/her peers because their shoes are hand me downs and do not fit correctly. The counselor's job is to help the children with their school academics, but they are not resting too well at night, knowing that this child and their family need help.

Up until now, they had had four options.


1. Refer the family to a local agency and
hope that the family qualifies for

2. Dig into their

3. Collect money in
the faculty lounge

4. Do nothing

Not Any More

The school counselor and social workers can go online, use Trusted World's online ordering system, and place an order. Not just for that child but the entire family. Trusted World will make those items available to the school within 48 hours for the school staff to give the resources to the child/family.

More Than just the child

Trusted World believes in helping more than just the child. We address the entire family. We want to improve the family dynamics; this, after all, is how we can help address
situational poverty.

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