What people say

Trusted World has been a godsend to our clients who have lost their possessions in a home fire. The clothing you have provided has enabled children to return to school and parents to return to work. We also appreciate the care and speed with which you respond to requests. Getting clothing quickly to a family that has only the clothes on their back and finding the right outfit for a teen to wear is critical. You have helped to restore their dignity and ability to move ahead; both are critical parts of recovery. On behalf of the Dallas Chapter of the American Red Cross, thank you Trusted World!

Jeanne Reinelt, Red Cross Client Casework Supervisor, Disaster Action Team Captain

We have been working with Trusted World for about a year and they go above and beyond to provide the clothing and other items that we promise our victims. Trusted World is a very good name for them as they can be trusted to do what they said they would do in a timely manner.

Win Brown, Executive Director - Victim Relief Ministries

“Trusted World has allowed us to direct our donations to their Service Center. Our staff no longer has to sort and organize the many donations, yet we still have quick access to the basic and necessary items that our clients need. Trusted World has made our job much easier to help our families.”

Sheila Miller, Family Promise

“Trusted World has been there every time I have called upon them to help one of my clients. They have been prompt and efficient. I feel we are serving our community better with Trusted World as a resource. “

Niccole Frazier, Allen Police Crime Victims

“Trusted world is a wonderful organization who builds relationships with police departments and other local organizations to help meet client’s needs when necessary. Trusted world has worked and continues to work with the Plano Police Department Victim Service Unit by giving our clients a resource where they can obtain basic necessities such as clothing and food in their time of need. It’s great to have an organization such as them to help individuals out when they have no one else to turn to. A couple of months back they were able to help out one of our clients who just needed to get through a tough time, but didn’t have the means to. Trusted world came through for them and gave this family what they needed in order to get back on their feet.”

Jessica Serrano, Plano Police Victim Advocate

“Trusted World reached out to The Bella House maternity home shortly after we opened. As a fledgling non-profit trying to find our wings, their hands offered food, clothing, baby items, furnishings for our first home and labor and materials to complete the flooring in our first home. Trusted World visited Bella House and met with the Board and volunteers and immediately became the hands and feet of Trusted World. Today, our housemother places weekly orders and the items are delivered to the doorstep. We are partners, working together to serve the needs of homeless pregnant women at the Bella House.”

Roze Lorenz, President, The Bella House

“Trusted World’s mission goes beyond connecting our community to resources. They provide reliable support and resources in our community when it’s needed the most. Trusted World has made a “world” of a difference for families at Hope’s Door from day one and we know that they are a quick phone call away.”

Gilbert Holguin, Clinical Director Hope's Door

Trusted World is a valuable local and international community resource to assist those in need. Trusted World has served as a resource partner to help meet basic needs of crime victims and has generously supported Departmental programs that assist and empower domestic violence victims.

Chief B.E. Harvey, Allen Police Department

Trusted World has been an invaluable resource for our students. They have helped us provide essential items to our families in need. The volunteers are amazing and so willing to help as soon as they know what is needed. We are blessed to have Trusted World as a resource in our community.

M.A., Plano ISD Counselor