Trusted World is a Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) qualified organization that provides clothing, food, and toiletries to low and moderate-income families and individuals through our partners.  88% of the clients our partners serve are classified as LMI.

We provide our services at no cost to our partners or their clients. Qualified partners are tracked by their interaction with the community who receive free or reduced lunches and by the LMI Census Tract.

Your Bank Can Help Us Help Others

The Trusted World Network is built upon our partnerships with schools, police, and other nonprofits who are working on the behalf of others. 

CRA grants allow us to continue to provide our services at no cost to our partners and their clients.  These grants also allow us to purchase new underwear, socks, food, and toiletries as needed.

Trusted World is Changing the Way Nonprofits Work

This partnership allows our partner to provide their core services, counseling, and assistance, while Trusted World provides clothing, food, and toiletries. This allows our partners to focus on their core services without having to collect, maintain, or inventory a clothes closet, food pantry, or toiletries bin.

By providing CRA grants to Trusted World your bank is helping hundreds of nonprofits, schools, and police departments with the much-needed resources they spend hours and days trying to find.