About Us

Mission Statement

“Trusted World is committed to providing the best resources, for free, to people or organizations who are providing services on someone else’s behalf.”

We have identified these people and organizations as case managers.  They are working on someone’s behalf to help them improve their current life situation.

We call them case managers, but you may know them as teachers, police officers, case workers, counselors… you get the idea.

We see these needs all over the world, which is why we are a global organization working to connect supply with need.

Watch this video to learn more about what and how we operate.

We are currently working with two operation models:


We have contacts in distinct remote and poverty-stricken areas of the world.  Locations where people are encountering natural disasters and refugees are fleeing for their lives.

We are partnered with the State Department, which allows us to fill empty spaces on military transports with humanitarian resources.  These resources can be flown to almost any U.S. Airbase in the world.  Additionally, we partner with charity organizations within the Untied States who are looking to send their donations overseas.  Trusted World provides this service to help connect the supply with the need.

We are currently shipping over 500,000 meals a month to key areas around the world.


We receive clothing and food donations daily.  All donations are quality checked, sorted and inventoried.  Clothing is cataloged by gender, size and style.  Case managers are granted access to our online ordering system.  After we pick and pack the requested resources, we let them know their order is ready.

It is a simple and easy process.

For the organization, we provide a service which allows them to devote their time and talents focusing on their clients instead of managing and restocking a box/drawer/cabinet of resources.

For the individual, we provide needed resources that they never had access to before.  This allows them to be more of a full service provider.


We are currently working in the Dallas Metroplex.


We are working with disaster areas within the United States. We have provided food, clothing and medical supplies to the flood victims in Minden and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Trusted World continues to monitor the support in these areas.

Commonly asked questions

When did Trusted World start?

Trusted World incorporated in September of 2012 but did not start up operations until we received our 501(C)(3) in the beginning of 2014. We went full time in May 2014.

Why did it start?

While our founder was on a trip overseas, he noticed a massive amount of unused resources in one area while another area was in much need of those very same resources.  He simply introduced the two to each other… connecting the supply with the need.

Where do you get all your resources?

We receive donations from a variety of places.  A majority come from people within our community.

Do you charge for your services?

No.  We provide all of our resources for free.

How does Trusted World pay for everything?

We rely on the generosity of donors who believe in our vision, recognize the value in what we are doing, and desire to partner with us.