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Excellence in Collaboration Award

The Excellence in Collaboration Award recognizes creative collaboration within and among an organization or corporation to address the significant needs of the North Texas community.

This is an organization who has focused their efforts internally to address needs.

Excellence in Collaborative Partnership Award

The Excellence in Collaborative Partnership Award recognizes an organization or individual working to identify challenges and define the underlying factors that threaten economic prosperity in the North Texas area through formed partnerships or collaborations.

Organizations or people who PARTNER WITH US

Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility

The Excellence In Corporate Social Responsibility honors a corporate partner that dedicates resources and demonstrates a commitment to addressing social and economic issues in the North Texas community.

Margie Frank Award

The Margie Frank Award honors an individual who focuses primarily on the growth and well-being of people and the community to which they belong. This award is intended to recognize an individual who unselfishly gives back to the community.

Excellence in Community Service

The Excellence in Community Service Award recognizes an individual, organization, or corporation that has distinguished itself through contributions to better its community. This award honors sustained contributions to their clients and community and exemplary professional practice and leadership

Innovation Award

The Innovation Award recognizes an organization, individual, or initiative taking an innovative approach to navigating the challenges of crisis among our North Texas neighbors.

Spirit of Volunteerism

Spirit of Volunteerism Award recognizes and honors a Trusted World volunteer for their outstanding accomplishments and service.