We work differently with each of the 3 types of organizations listed above. Here is how it starts:




We meet with the Chief so that there is a top-down approach to working with our organization

We work with someone at the ISD level. This helps with implementation.

We meet with someone who can make major decisions on behalf of the organization. 

All three types of organizations must meet this crtieria

You must be engaged with your client. We believe that your counseling and our resources will make your process more holistic. 

If you are selling items or charging for your services we believe you can use those funds to purchases the needed resources to help your clients.  This is non-negotiable.  

Our partners agreed to remove their clothing closets and use our services in that place. Because of this they were able to use that space to see more clients or offer more services. If you have a clothing closet you can not order clothing from us.

We are not a food bank. if you have a food panty, we are glad you are able to provide these services. However you would only be able to order clothing from us.

We provide our services at no cost and we would require you to do the same.

You must either be a school, law enforcement agency or a registered 501(C)(3)

We are currently taking applications from organizations within

Collin, Dallas, and Rockwall Counties