Five easy steps for planning a packing event at Trusted World

Trusted World packing events require a $500 donation per table for the purchase of food and the materials to cover 2,000 meals.

  1. Minimum of 7 people required per table
    • Family
    • Work friends
    • Church groups
    • Board of directors
    • Committees
    • Any combination of the above
  2. Pick a date and time for your group
    • We will work with your schedule.
    • Pick a 2 hour window of time.
  3. Contact Trusted World.
  4. We will coordinate with you to schedule your event time.
  5. Relax and know that your event will be providing children a healthy and filling meal.

Hosting a packaging event at your location

Offsite packing events require a $1,000 donation per table to cover food, materials and staff.

We can provide all the necessary resources to pack at your location

When the event concludes, you may keep the food to donate to a cause of your choosing, or donate the food to Trusted World.