Food Packing Events

5 Easy Steps to coming to us for a Packing Event

We can only provide events if someone has donated funds for a packing event
  1. Find a group of 7 people ( we can do two groups of 7 at one time)
    1. Family
    2. Work friends
    3. Church groups
    4. Board of directors
    5. Committies
    6. Any combination of the above
  2. Pick a few dates and time that work for your group
    1. We can work with your schedule for most weeknights and some weekends.
    2. Try to pick a window of time that is about 2 hours. This makes it so you can pack a good amount of food without wearing everyone out.
    3. Try not to schedule something for tomorrow. At least give yourself a few weeks of time to prepare.
  3. Contact Trusted World at share your dates and times with us.
  4. We will check our schedule and see if any of those are open and then schedule your event time.
    1. We have to coordinate with our team and room availability.
  5. Relax and know that your event will be providing children a healthy and filling meal.

Hosting a Packaging Event

Hosting an event cost $5,000 to pack 20,000 meals. $10,000 if you want to pack 40,000.

The meals that we pack are $.25 each.  Each bag that is packed contains 6 meals.


20,000 meals is the smallest event that we will do.

There are two main options when hosting a packing event.

1 – We can provide all the necessary resources and pack at your location or,

2 – We can provide all the necessary resources and pack at our location.

We can even provide volunteers to help pack the food.

When the event is done you can either keep all the food and use it for a cause that you support or you can donate the food to Trusted World and we will use it for some of the many projects that we are working on.

For more information abut a food packing event please contact us.