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 Welcome to Trusted World Network News, where we share stories of impact from within our more than 700 North Texas organizations. This week, we begin with growth…

  Trusted World provides resources to our partners on the front lines of situational poverty; school counselors, nonprofits, and police officers… helping them… help others struggling to overcome it. 
   In the first week of September, Trusted World surpassed the total number of orders from the previous year, processing more than seven thousand orders for resources of clothing, food, and toiletries. 
   Children returning to school after summer break is one reason for the recent surge in demand. Inflation and a looming recession are additional factors. Another is the Trusted World Network continues to grow. 
   Roughly 60 new schools joined the network this year, bringing the total number to 373 from within 17 North Texas Independent School Districts.
   Trusted World statistics show that 42% of those receiving resources are children, with the largest age group– being five to eleven. 
  Trusted World Network partner, the CardBoard Project, shares a success story of a man who’s now on the road to realizing his dreams of a better life. 
    The CardBoard Project’s Director of Employment Services, Angelica Villareal, tells us Keith is excited about attending truck driving school. She says he feels more confident attending class with the clothing he’s received from Trusted World and is now optimistic and looking forward to going on job interviews.  
   The CardBoard Project’s mission is to connect the digitally disconnected to opportunities and services, getting them on the road to self-sufficiency.
     Origin Bank named Trusted World its Community Hero during the Battle for the Iron Skillet, a more century-old football contest between SMU and TCU. Origin Bank made a video presentation during the game Saturday. In a 42-34 victory, TCU took home the skillet and Trusted World’s Michael Garrett received an autographed football commemorating the event.     
 You might say Trusted World’s Vice-Chair is moving on to greener pastures– and not just green but organic. Gabe Madison is leaving her position as community relations director at Thomson Reuters to head up local nonprofit Bonton Farms in Southern Dallas. The organization is committed to breaking the cycle of generational poverty by planting the seeds of change in bringing people better health, hope, and new opportunities. Madison told the Dallas Morning News that as a black Woman, this opportunity allows her to lead and serve this community in a new and different way. She plans to remain on Trusted World’s Board as the second in command in terms of leadership.       
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   Trusted World Network News is committed to sharing stories of impacthope, and innovation from the more than 700 partners within the organization. 
    That wraps up this week’s news from around the Trusted World Network, where you can join us in helping people help people.