What is the difference between the advocate application 

and the police officer’s application?

For the most part, these two applications work the same. Each app allows the user to order resources from Trusted World, and all orders will be delivered to your department within 24/48 hours. Below are the differences between the two apps.

Advocate Application

This application is designed to allow the advocate to sit with a person or family, gather as much information about their needs, and fill out our online order form.

Detailed information is not required; however, the more information we receive, the more likely it is to choose the exact resources to support the individual or families to ensure they can get back on track to recovery.

Officers Application

This application is designed for speed and requires little detail. It allows the officer to gather information quickly, including food and sizing information for up to 5 people. When they hit submit, the form is sent to the advocate for review.

The advocate can decide if they wish to gather additional information or approve it and send it on to Trusted World.

In both cases, the orders are picked within 24/48 hours and delivered to the station. 

Advocate Order

If the advocate placed the order, they could decide the best method to get those resources.

Officers Order

If the officer placed the order, they could choose to let the advocate decide on the best delivery method or use this opportunity to schedule a follow-up with the family or individual.

Trusted World sees the officers and department as a front line advocate to poverty.
Many officers witness the need but never had the resources to assist without digging into their pockets.

Trusted World wants to change the publics' view of the police

We want the public to see the police department in a different light. Instead of being the ones who arrest you, they can be seen as the ones who assist you. We want the public to understand the phrase “To protect and to serve.”


Depending on your login, you will be taken to a different screen. 

The left is the advocates’ form and the right, the officers. 

When an advocate logs in, they will have the ability to see the officers form in case any questions arise. The advocate can view the form and potentially address any issues.

When the officer logs in, they will be taken directly to the officer interface.

Both applications are responsive and can be used on any platform. (Mobile, tablet, desktop)

How do we get these applications?

The advocate’s app is easy. Use this link to fill out an online application, and you will usually receive a login and password within 24 hours. 

Access to our ordering system may depend on the location of your department. We are growing, and our reach is expanding, but we are not everywhere yet.

The officer’s app requires a meeting with the chief of police. We need the leader to approve the use of this application. We believe in the top-down method.

Officers are more likely to use this app if they know the department is entirely behind it. 

Here is how the Garland Police Department uses our app.