Providing the Best Resources

Resources = clothing, food, toiletries, and software solutions.

Our partners place their orders using our own “Partner’s Portal.” Allowing them to interview their clients with privacy and dignity.

Trusted World Mission Statement

We provide the best resources, at no cost, to individuals and organizations working on someone else's behalf.

Why Support Trusted World?

Helping us helps 800+ schools, police and nonprofits

93 Cents of Every Dollar Donated Goes to Our Program

By supporting Trusted World you are helping us help our 800+ partners. We are audited every year to show we are on track to financial transparency.


We listen to our partners

We are always creating new processes to help meet the needs of our partners


We provide size-specific clothing to our partners so they don't have to maintain a clothing closet.


Non-perishable sustainable food for the entire family. 3 meals a day.

Software Solutions

Partner's directory, mobile police application and other services to help our partners help their clients.

Why Support Trusted World?

We provide the best resources, at no cost

There is a cost to our services. However, we chose not to pass it on to our partners and their clients. They are already struggling to make ends meet. Why should we burden them even more?

We need your help so that we can continue to help tens of thousands of people in our community.


We help our partners help their clients

We help our partners focus on their core focus, and we tell them we got your back.

Imagine getting size-specific clothing, food and toiletries without having to maintain an inventory or sort clothing. Our partners place an order, and we deliver it to them. Helping them focus more on what they do best. 




Law Enforcement



High quality resources delivered!

We deliver to our partners weekly and allow them to pick up their orders as early as 48 hours after placing the order.

Take a look at our partners

We service the who's who in North Texas. With organizations like the United Way, the Red Cross, Buckners, Catholic Charities and many more using our services weekly.


Clients' Testimonials

Trusted World providing essential items such as clothing of all sizes and nonperishable food by delivery is a great benefit to the McKinney community. Clients are very appreciative of the items they receive from Trust World. Many clients are astonished at how quickly the requested items are delivered. The quality of service Trusted World provides is inimitable.

Janae Brown Crime Victim Advocate, McKinney TX

Trusted World has helped us add another level of care for The Ebby House. By removing our own clothes closet from our offices and using Trusted World for our clothing and food needs for our residents, we have been able to open usable space for our coaches and mentors, as well as creating a quiet space for our residents. Your services are now a vital part of our community work. Thank you all for helping us use our space more effectively and serving our clients.”

Lisa Mumford Program Director, Ebby House

Trusted World is a valuable local and international community resource to assist those in need. Trusted World has served as a resource partner to help meet basic needs of crime victims and has generously supported Departmental programs that assist and empower domestic violence victims.

Chief Brian Harvey Allen Police Department

Trusted World has been a godsend to our clients who have lost their possessions in a home fire. The clothing you have provided has enabled children to return to school and parents to return to work. We also appreciate the care and speed with which you respond to requests. Getting clothing quickly to a family that has only the clothes on their back and finding the right outfit for a teen to wear is critical. You have helped to restore their dignity and ability to move ahead.

Jeanne Reinelt Red Cross Disaster Action Team Captain