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Welcome to Trusted World Network News, where you’ll see how Trusted World is helping schools, nonprofits, and law enforcement agencies help others struggling with situational poverty.
      The idea is for you to see and hear the stories of people and organizations making a difference within this network of 700 North Texas Partners. The Trusted World Directory launched in early May. Today we get some partner feedback on the software application developed by Trusted World and designed to make it easier for case managers, social workers, and school counselors to help people beyond just providing ‘on-demand’ resources. 
     The application is a mix of technology, innovation, and collaboration. It brings the collective power of the network to a focal point, which lies at the fingertips of the Trusted World Network partners. 
    “I feel empowered, and I feel relieved.” Alexis Snow, the Director of Innovation at the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, is talking about the Trusted Directory. She used it for the first time, helping a teenage refugee settle in North Texas. Having a wealth of network services and resources right in front of you, she says, is powerful. Resources that will help him with literacy, tutoring, food services, anything that his family unit needs to continue to live a better life, Trusted World is making it highly accessible for us to refer and partner out those needs. I feel so confident in my ability to serve and broaden that impact.”
      If it works that well for a single client, how does it work for an entire family? 
“She couldn’t go home. She needed clothes for her and her six kids.” As a Victim Assistance Advocate for the Garland Police Department, Emalie Wall’s job is to find services and assistance for people in need. Like the mother of six children, showing up at the Garland Police Department fleeing a violent and abusive relationship.
    Wall logged into the Trusted World ‘Partner Portal’, ordered size-specific clothing, food, and toiletries, then clicked on the Trusted Directory. Within minutes– not hours, days, or weeks –she located the nearest crisis shelter and other services for the family. “The mom started crying, the kids started crying because, one of the biggest fears was she couldn’t go home, and she couldn’t provide that for her kids.” 
   The Trusted Directory interconnects the services and skillsets of other partnering agencies in the network, ranging from housing needs to child care, mental health, financial assistance, and even veteran services. It includes the hours, contact information, specific services, and even distance from your location. 
   Two weeks later, Wall says the woman called her. “She was on the phone crying, telling me that I didn’t understand how that simple act of kindness was able to change her life. It gave her hope, it gave her kids hope, and she knew she was not in this alone, and we would be able to find resources for her.”
   “Our goal is to is, in the Trusted World Network, we’re trying to build a network of partners that’s gonna turn around, and we’re going to make it so that we become a one-stop shop no matter where you go.” Trusted World Founder and CEO Michael Garrett discussed the directory’s launch in May, explaining how the idea came to light. Garrett says that with hundreds of agencies under one roof, partners kept asking which agency provided what service, when, and where? The Trusted Directory, he says, answers all of those questions.
   “We want to make it so that when the public sees our logo on a website or someone’s front door. They know when they walk in there; they are going to be well taken care of– by not just our one single partner, they’re going to be taken care of by our entire network.”  Wall says, “It made me feel like we made a difference that day. We were able to take a whole family that was in a very dark place, and were able to shine a light on it, and say we’re walking with you’re not walking alone.”
 The organizations listed in the Trusted Directory are all network partners vetted by Trusted World and the United Way, ensuring their services are valid and offered at little to no cost.