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Trusted World

  Welcome to this week’s Trusted World Network News, where we share stories of hope, impact, and innovation from within the network’s hundreds of North Texas organizations.  
     We begin with the growth in the number of networt partners. To best understand the significance, let’s start from the beginning. 
   Trusted World was founded in 2014 in Allen, Texas, and began with just a handful of partners. By December 2019, the organization supported 269 Partners– that number’s grown to more than 700 North Texas Partners today; 7-23.  Trusted World Network partners are on the front lines of situational poverty. The schools, nonprofits, and law enforcement agencies all provide some level of counseling and guidance along with access to Trusted World resources of clothing, food, and toiletries, on demand.  
     Trusted World’s Founder and CEO, Michael Garrett, says more network partners mean more people will be in a position to help when they see the need. “Our growth is not reactionary. We’re purposely growing into certain areas based on our sponsorships. We know where the needs are in North Texas, and we’re strategically going after them. The Parental Liasion for Greenville ISD knows what it’s like to see the network grow from just one school to every school in the entire district. Whitney Threatt says the network affiliation is an asset empowering her to make a greater impact in the district– and not just for students in need, but their entire families. “I can work with a family and reassure them and have that one on one relationship with them without having to worry about ok where am I going to get five people’s worth of clothing, several pairs of the clothing that fit’s and in comfortable and stylish.” Because of her commitment to the community and tenacity in getting every school in the Greenville ISD into the network, Threatt received the 2022 ‘Trusted World Servant-Leadership Award.’  
   The newest Independent School District to join the Trusted World Network is already setting the stage for that community to help make a difference. Anna ISD is holding a district-wide clothing drive from October 24th -28th. Each campus will have drop-off locations for donations. 
   Here’s a little Trusted World Trivia related to schools. The Trusted World Network now includes 383 schools from 17 Independent School Districts in North Texas. That wraps up this week’s news from around the Trusted World Network, where you can join us in helping people help people.