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 New Partners and new promises  

            Trusted World Network News shares the stories of hope, impact, and innovation from within its hundred of North Texas partners. This week, a new law enforcement partnership joins the growing network, and some new financial commitments come to light.

     The Dallas County Sheriff’s Department is vowing to double down on the “Serve” portion, their motto to serve and protect. “It’s about meeting the needs of the community and looking beyond whatever the immediate call is about.” In a news conference, Dallas County sheriff Marian Brown touted the benefits and impact of the Trusted World partnership and talked about why she’s so passionate about it. “My commitment to community-oriented policing and then I was sold when I took the tour at the Trusted World facility. When I saw the way that it was strategically laid out, the whole operation, I realized it was something we needed to be included in.”

   TW Founder and CEO Michael Garrett created an application officers can use on their cell phones or car computers allowing them to place orders for clothing, food, or toiletries within minutes. Garrett explained to the news media, “That’s reducing the number of times they’re going to interact with that family in the long run. So, that five minutes could reduce that officer interaction again, again and again with that same family.” 

   Sheriff Brown says, “We want to build relationships where they go beyond the calls that we respond to. It’s not an enforcement opportunity; it’s an opportunity to serve somebody.” Having access to quality resources on demand, Brown says, makes the concept of community policing a reality. “We’re excited because this affords us the opportunity to reach those persons throughout Dallas county, not just in select areas but throughout the entire county.”

   Brown says, “It’s a win, win for everyone.” Her officers are excited by the partnership because it helps build trust and empowers them to better serve the people they’re sworn to serve and protect. “The catchphrase you keep hearing about, Community Oriented Policing?” Brown says, “It’s in effect right here! Right here! This is what it’s all about.” Trusted World makes those quality resources available within 48 hours and at no cost to its partners.  

                                                     Historic Donation  

   On Giving Tuesday. The Perot Foundation gifts $15 million dollars to the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. The foundation’s investment marks the largest single donation ever received in the organization’s 98-year history. The United Way says this will accelerate its impact in North Texas. The CEO of the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, Jennifer Sampson, says, “It will continue the legacy of creating opportunity for all North Texans to thrive. The Perot Foundation Investment will accelerate impact with 144 community partners, which range from long-standing proven impact providers to grass-roots organizations. All bring bold new strategies to our communities’ most pervasive challenges in education, income, and health.”

  Trusted World’s CEO Michael Garrett says, “We’re a proud community impact partner of the United Way of Dallas —and grateful for the Perot Foundation investment. We’re committed to doing our part in helping our more than 700 North Texas partners.

                                        Trusted World Awards Breakfast

   Thanks to a $20,000 donation, Trusted World confirms its annual awards breakfast is a go. It will be the second annual Trusted World Awards Breakfast presented by Atmos Energy. A host committee’s already working on the event, which will be held on May 4th at the Granville Arts Center in Garland. 

   That wraps up this week’s news from in and around the Trusted World Network, where you can join