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 May Impact 

   The May impact numbers show Trusted World provided resources valued at $154,348.68, helping 1,520 of our neighbors. From January first of this year to the end of May, the data shows Trusted World turned donations into quality resources valuing $648,539.06, assisting 6,525 North Texans. 

Stand Out Student

   While donors, volunteers, and corporate sponsors make that kind of impact possible, one young man shows us how one person can make a significant difference. Eighteen-year-old Ephraim Mangrum says, “I really respect what you do here. You know it’s a good thing going out to serve.” Mangrum decided to do a clothing drive for Trusted World for his Sunnyvale High School senior project. 

   He says, “I’ve put four separate boxes in the high school, the middle school, the intermediate school, and the elementary school. Whenever people walk by and see the box, they can read the sign and say oh hey! Trusted World, that’s pretty cool, they collect clothes, and we’ve gotten tons of donations! This is our last dropoff here, we’ve collected two cars full of clothes, and that’s only one trip, and we’ve made three trips so far.”

   Mangrum doesn’t just gather and drop off the clothing donations; he, along with family and friends, sort the items ensuring only the best articles go into the resource distribution pipeline. 

   “I can just imagine the faces of those needing materials like these clothes. Pulling something out of a box, and it’s exactly their size, and it’s exactly what they need, and it’s in perfect condition. Just like the smile that they would have on their face. And I imagine that whenever I’m sorting with my family or friends. That image and it makes me feel good,” Mangrum says.

   Grateful to be in a position to help others, he says he enjoys doing it. “I’ve been fortunate enough to never really be in need of much, but I know friends that are, and I’ve been in areas where I’ve seen the need, and I guess it makes me feel good knowing I’m participating in God’s work by helping those people.” 

   After completing his high school project, Mangrum graduated with honors and plans to keep making a difference, saying, “You can never do enough. There’s always a need. And again, a little bit goes a long way, and more than you would think.” 

 Refreshing Variety of Resources

    Trusted World Staff members packed more than 27 thousand items into Network Partner resource orders in May. Since staffers don’t work directly with the public or the recipients, they, too, often imagine who will receive the resources. 

    “We’ve got sizes from newborn to 10x. We do our very best to make sure that everybody that orders things from us gets what they need,” says Trusted World Operations Manager Courtney Weaver. She says providing specific sizes of items can sometimes be challenging. “We got an order, and it was asking for a size 18 men’s sneaker, and lo and behold, look what we had. Brand new, quality, beautiful men’s sneakers. We went around the warehouse showing everyone how happy we were to be able to have this sneaker because we knew that there was an individual out there in the community that needed these sneakers, and we were able to fulfill that need, and that makes us thrilled,” she says with a big, bright, satisfying smile. 

Partner Input

   Collaboration and communication are critical components of the Trusted World Network because it tailors technology to enhance the user experience. And partner feedback is valued. A Network Partner email from LipGloss for Love says, “Caseloads have increased because of our partnership with Trusted World. Our program participants are able to make better financial decisions and experience less stress about diapers, wipes, clothes, and food. Our families are pleased with the quality of clothing from Trusted World.”

New Sponsorship Opportunities

    If you’d like to lead the way in making a difference, Trusted World is looking for new sponsors to purchase undergarments, toiletries, and nonperishable food items. 

   In return, you, or your organization, will be listed as the sponsor for the time frame you select. You’ll also receive recognition on social media, in the monthly newsletter, and right here, weekly on Trusted Network News (TNN).

    Recycling helps pay for some of it, but the organization often spends more than that provides. 

   For instance, Trusted World spends nearly $4,000.00 a month purchasing underwear, diapers, socks, and bras. 

   Trusted World’s meal boxes provide one week of food, three meals a day for however many people are in the family. The organization spends $3,300.00 monthly for canned goods, cereal, oatmeal, peanut butter, and many other items.

    One of the fastest-growing needs is feminine hygiene products; the organization spends a thousand dollars a month purchasing these items. 

    Trusted World puts toiletries packs in virtually every order; they include toothpaste, brush, deodorant, mouthwash soap, shampoo, and conditioner. It costs about $833 a month to make these available. 

   You can find all these sponsoring opportunities on the Trusted World website under the ways to give link, then click on sponsoring opportunities.

   That’s a look at the headlines from around the Trusted World Network, where you can join us in helping people help people.