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March Impact and Efficiency

Trusted World’s impact in North Texas continues to grow, with $154,000 worth of resources provided in March alone, helping more than 1,400 North Texans. Trusted World CEO Michael Garrett says that January through March is usually the slowest time of year, but with 1,100 orders processed in March, needs will most likely continue to increase throughout the year. 

So far this year, Trusted World has turned donations into quality resources valued at more than $400,000, helping nearly 3,800 North Texans. Trusted World’s network of partners also continues to expand, with nearly 800 partners to date.

Garrett says one reason Trusted World can meet demands and make such a significant impact is the efficiency built into the process. The organization regularly recycles clothes, shoes, and even cardboard. The pennies on the pound received go toward purchasing new underwear and socks in all sizes. 

Lauren Sands on the Trusted World Experience

Lauren Sands, a member of Trusted World’s Board of Directors, says that technology, efficiency, and data are what caught her attention when first touring Trusted World. Speaking about the volunteer experience, she says, “That was my ah-ha moment—when I saw the sorting room and saw how and what the process was and how simplified it was. It’s impressive.”

As volunteers sort through clothing donations, they ensure that only the best quality items are kept; the items are quality-checked multiple times and sorted by size and gender before going into the distribution pipeline. “You really have to see it to understand the impact that it has,” says Sands.

Sands is passionate about helping others– especially foster children. 

   As a CASA volunteer, she’s a Court Appointed Special Advocate, and she sits on the Dallas CASA Board. 

    Sands is also the Business Development Director at the Rosewood Foundation. In December 2021, she was at Trusted World when the Moozie Foundation granted Trusted World $40,000. The Moozie Foundation is the charitable arm of the Rosewood Foundation and the Caroyln Rose Hunt Family.

    Sands joined Trusted World’s Board of Directors on January first and says she’s excited about Trusted World’s future. 

Corporate Commitment to the Community

This year’s Excellence in Corporate Responsibility Award goes to the Credit Union of Texas because of its clear commitment to addressing social and economic issues in North Texas communities.

Since 2016, the organization has given more than 2,200 volunteer hours to the community, including 512 hours at Trusted World in 2022, coming in second in the volunteer challenge. 

In addition to the $1.5 million donation to Trusted World, which has funded three delivery routes for five years, CUTX also partners with and supports three dozen other nonprofits and has contributed $13 million through donations, sponsorships, and community programs.

CUTX’s commitment to the community impacts its employees, as well. Eddy Army, the CUTX Chief Marketing says, Officer says “I’m blown away by the commitment that our folks have. They’re very excited to always be engaged with the communities we serve.”

This award will be given at the awards breakfast in Garland presented by Atmos Energy on May 4th.

Make a Difference

If you’d like to help make a difference, you can go to   TrustedWorld.org and click on volunteer experiences and sign up. If you’d like to help make a difference another way, you can go to the same website, and under the ways to give link, you can click on the Amazon Wish List to find food and clothing items the Network needs. 

For clothing donations, one of our key sponsors, the Credit Union of Texas, has donation dropoff bins in every one of their North Texas branches. Next to the bin is a banner with a QR code if you want to donate money.

You’ll find a complete list of dropoff bin locations on the Trusted World website. 

That’s a look at the headlines from around the Trusted World Network, where you can join us in helping people help people.