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Welcome to Trusted World Network News, where you’ll see how Trusted World is helping schools, nonprofits, and law enforcement agencies help others struggling with situational poverty. 
The idea is for you to see and hear the stories of people and organizations making a difference within this network of 700 North Texas Partners. If you’re already on board, we’ll show you the impact you’re helping to make and show you ‘how’ and ‘what’ you can do to join us on this journey. 
 Last Wednesday was ‘National Good Neighbor Day,’ As you might imagine, it provided a great backdrop for State Farm in Richardson as it funded a 5-thousand dollar toiletry drive on behalf of Trusted World. Nearly a hundred employees volunteered to write motivational cards and make personal care kits with toothpaste, brushes, shampoo, conditioner, and other hygiene items for distribution. 
Trusted World provides these items along with quality, size-specific clothing, and food to its more than 700 North Texas Network partners.

Event organizer Shauntona Wager says State Farm employees help people prepare for the unexpected every day, and these kinds of drives directly align with State Farm’s mission. 
“It is honestly great to do. There is so much need in DFW, especially. There are so many people going through hard times, and Trusted World is a great partner because they can give custom help to those in need.”>>
 State Farm’s “Jake” even got involved… sort of…
     In a matter of hours, volunteers created 500 personal care kits and 300 feminine hygiene kits.
      Just like a good neighbor State Farm is there… ‘helping people help people.’ 
 Trusted World welcomes a new employee bringing the total number now to twelve. Meredith Brill joins Trusted World as office manager responsible for everything from inventory to payroll and scheduling for the CEO. Brill says she’s excited to be in a position to help so many people. 
Trusted World is a data-driven organization, and here’s a look at the Network Impact numbers for September.
It shows that nearly 18 hundred North Texans received resources in September, valuing $157,000. 
Schools received 64 thousand dollars worth of those resources and went to school districts ranging from Allen to Irving and Royce City. 
    The year-to-date numbers show that $1.5 million of resources helped 11,350 people. 
 If you’d like to help the Trusted World Netowork make a difference, you can go to TrustedWorld.org, and under the ways to give link, you can click on the Amazon Wish List to find food and clothing items the network needs. 
For clothing donations, one of our key sponsors, the Credit Union of Texas, has a dropoff bin in every one of their North Texas branch locations. Next to the bin is a banner with a QR code if you’d like to make a monetary donation. You’ll find a complete list of dropoff bin locations on the Trusted World website. 
 That wraps up this week’s news from in and around the Trusted World Network, where you can join us in helping people help people.