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 Fastest Growing Nonprofit Networks in Texas? 

    Trusted World Network News shares the stories of hope, impact, and innovation from within the network’s hundreds of North Texas partners. If you’ve never heard of Trusted World, consider this; Trusted World is now in 19 NTX Independent School Districts, representing more than 400 schools, two dozen law enforcement agencies, and hundreds of nonprofit organizations.  

    It’s one of the fastest-growing nonprofit networks in Texas, and here’s why. “Nearly two hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth?” The CEO of the Bridge Homeless Recovery Center in Dallas, Dr. David Woody, is astounded by the sheer dollar amount of quality Trusted World resources his organization received in 2021. 

   Reliably providing resources within 48 hours and at no cost is one thing; the level of trust garnered with clients; as a result, Dr. Woody says, is immeasurable. “That a guest would have something tangible that speaks to trust is incredible. And that’s what makes this relationship even more valuable.” And as a network partner, Woody’s staff no longer needs to maintain clothes closets or food pantries, allowing them to spend more time with their clients.

   Trusted World’s Founder and CEO, Michael Garrett says, “Trusted World has built a network that allows our partners to focus on who they are, the special nuance that makes them unique, and with their guidance and counseling and our resources, we make them more holistic in their approach to their client.”  He says the power of the network lies in a mix of technology, innovation, and collaboration. “Trusted World has created a process that has created a network of partners focused on situational poverty. Trusted World’s become the backbone of 740 North Texas organizations helping people help people.” He emphasizes, “This is what 100% collaboration looks like.”


   Jamie Applegate, the former Senior Director of Innovation for the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas –turned Trusted World Board member, says, “I don’t think they’d (network partners) come if they didn’t see it as a game changer.” Applegate says Trusted World’s unique platform is a paradigm shift in the nonprofit world. One he believes will soon become commonplace. “I think the model that Trusted World has for partnering with other agencies and creating that network, I think that’s going to become the de facto model of how nonprofits operate.”


   The Vice President of Innovation and Design for the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, Ann Montgomery, agrees, saying, “Through the work that Trusted World is doing, we’re seeing them help other nonprofits build their capacity to reach a higher impact to scale and serve more people.”

   Within the last year, Trusted World says it provided more than two million dollars in resources to its partners, directly impacting the lives of nearly 27-thousand North Texans. “I think Trusted World is one of the top innovations we’ve seen in North Texas,” Montgomery says. “We’re so excited to be a part of their story and to see them grow and see how it impacts our region and hopefully more regions to come.”

                                                              Garland City Council Sees Potential

   Garland Mayor Scott LeMay and several city council members recently toured the Trusted World facility, saying they were surprised by the efficiency and overall impact. In a Facebook posting afterward, Mayor-Pro Tem Deborah Morris said they were shocked to learn the Trusted World Network is the *largest* nonprofit in Garland. She called it the “Miracle on Easy Street,” a reference to Trusted World’s street address. Morris said, “(Trusted World) …makes it incredibly easy for nonprofits to provide needed resources without storing, sorting, soliciting, or tracking food and clothing items individually.”


   Garland city leaders plan to help the organization grow and ultimately have Garland be the home of the Trusted World, world headquarters.  

   That’s a wrap for this week. Stay tuned for more good news from the Trusted World Network, where you can join us in helping people help people.