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  Garland Provides TW World HQ Site 

   The City of Garland makes a historic announcement during Trusted World’s annual awards breakfast. Garland Mayor Pro Tem Deborah Morris shared the news on the week of Trusted World’s ninth birthday. Morris says, “This ground lease will be for fifty years for an amount of one dollar a year because we want to help them help people.” Her announcement captivated the 300 guests at the 2023 Trusted World Awards breakfast. 

  Morris said, “This week, the Garland City Council approved a 50-year ground lease for an almost 14-acre track in East Garland so that Trusted World can build its World Headquarters. This will allow them to go from their current 23,000 square foot facility in West Garland to a 100,000 square foot plus facility, so we’re basically helping Trusted World in their mission of helping people help people.” She says the City is “overjoyed to have a partnership role in this.”

   The land lies on the North East corner of East Centerville Rd at Walnut Street in East Garland. “I’m beside myself on this,” says Trusted World Founder and CEO Michael Garrett. “The fact that they see our vision, they see our potential, and they’re actively wanting to do something. This has brought so much validation to what we do here; by a city stepping in and going, we recognize this is an awesome thing,” says Michael. 

   The current warehouse, he says, is servicing eight hundred North Texas partners within seven counties, but the facility is already at capacity. “A bigger building would allow us to better service not just North Texas but the state of Texas and potentially the Southwest Region of the United States,” says Michael.  

  Morris says the partnership puts Garland on the map as people and organizations from across the country and around the world tour Trusted World to learn how to get a Trusted World Network established in their communities. She says, “We’re going to get way more out of this than Trusted World will because Trusted World benefits residents in the City of Garland and seven surrounding counties, and this is beyond big! This is one of the best things we can do for our community. We are happy to be the first Trusted World community. We are ‘all-in’ on this.”

   Michael says specific details on the Capital Campaign to build the Trusted World world headquarters will be coming soon.


 2023 Trusted World Awards

   The 2023 Trusted World Awards recognize and celebrate the best people and organizations in the Trusted World Network. The awards focus on the founding principles that make the network effective, efficient, and impactful. They are collaboration, innovation, community service, corporate social responsibility, and volunteerism. 

Network Impact for April ’23

   Here’s a look at the impact numbers for April, Trusted World provided resources valued at more than 134 thousand dollars, helping 15 hundred North Texans. 

   The year-to-date numbers show Trusted World turned donations into quality resources valuing nearly 538 thousand dollars, helping almost 53 hundred North Texans. 


Trusted World Challenge

   The Trusted World Volunteer Challenge is well underway, with Triple-A Texas taking the early lead with 241 volunteer hours, followed by State Farm. Last year’s defending champion Texas Instruments, is in third place, followed by the Credit Union of Texas. 

  Those are the headlines this week from around the Trusted World Network, where you can join us in helping people help people.