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Charity Navigator Nomination

  One of the National Charity monitoring agencies gives Trusted World a perfect rating along with an award nomination. Charity Navigator has 1.6 million registered nonprofits in the United States and provides ratings for 200 thousand of them. It nominated 107 other highly ranked organizations asking the public to select four– for their 2023 Community Choice Award. 

   Trusted World Founder and CEO Michael Garrett says this nomination is a big deal. “I don’t think it gets any better than this; I mean, what an honor this is to be nominated for the community choice awards by Charity Navigator!” The national web-based organization researches and rates nonprofits based on impact, accountability, culture, and leadership. “What they’re saying is of all the nonprofits in the United States, we made the top of the list. We have a hundred percent rating in all four categories and that’s why we’re being nominated for this award,” Michael says. Trusted World website shows Charity Navigator giving Trusted World 4 stars and a 100% rating. The high rating, Michael says, reflects Trusted World’s unwavering commitment to quality, transparency, and impact,

“It lets people know we’re transparent, we’re trustworthy, we’re value, we’re highly cost-effective!”

   The Charity Navigator website has other details on Trusted World; why it receives a perfect score, and how you can give confidently. 

Something that’s critical when it comes to donors, Michael says, “This is important to the public when they go to make a financial contribution; that’s where they go to look.”


                                     Value of Volunteering 

   Visitors say, just hearing about Trusted World can often be inspiring, but volunteering is transformative for some. The hands-on clothes sorting experience helps volunteers see Trusted World’s vision of addressing situational poverty in North Texas. Two examples in the last week highlight this phenomenon. 

  A diversity group within Triple A Texas committed to donating 15 thousand dollars after volunteering just once.  

   The same thing happened with Allstate Insurance employees. They pledged a ten-thousand-dollar contribution after their first volunteer experience. Employees say Trusted World’s methodology resonates with them.

Allstate volunteer, Dan Carter says, “I tell ya, the minute we stepped in here, the process was obvious, well thought through, and well organized, and it just makes it simple for anybody to step in and feel productive really, really quick.” “Actually, I have a lot of peace with this experience. I think there is a lot of opportunity to take care of people, and t gives me hope and peace that we are trying to do the right thing for the environment and the world around us,” says Mia Boom, also an Allstate volunteer. Volunteers are vital to Trusted World’s mission of addressing situational poverty. 

                                         July Impact

            YTD: Resources valuing $1.276,275.60, helping more than 19,799 hundred North Texans.  

                                     Make a Difference 

 If you’d like to help make a difference, go to TrustedWorld.org, click on volunteer experiences, and sign up. If you’d like to explore other ways to help, you can go to the same website, and under the ways to give link, click on needs to find the items the Network most needs. For clothing donations, one of our key sponsors, the Credit Union of Texas, has donation dropoff bins in every one of their North Texas branches. Next to the bin is a banner with a QR code if you want to donate money. You’ll find a complete list of dropoff bin locations on the Trusted World website.

   That’s a look at the headlines from around the Trusted World Network, where you can join us in helping people help people.