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                                                            Trusted World Impact 

   For August, the Trusted World Network turned donations of clothing, food, and toiletries into quality resources valued at $195,365.18, helping 1,908 of our neighbors. 

   The year-to-date numbers show donations valuing more than $1,108,759.04, helping almost 10,988 North Texans.  

   Donations of time make those impact numbers possible. Corporate volunteers represent the most significant number of people going to Trusted World to make a difference. But one corporation in particular is making a substantial impact through volunteerism, sponsorship, and, as TNN’s Rosie Stoddard explains, a unique Trusted World partnership.  

                                                    Sponsoring Partnership Pays Dividends

   The Credit Union of Texas is a prime example of a corporation plugged into the Trusted World Network, from paying employees to volunteer to donation dropoff bins at every CUTX location. Volunteering employees say they support the whole community by supporting Trusted World. “We collect clothing donations from our members, staff, and employees. When they have used or worn clothes, we turn them in there as well because we know Trusted World will give it a place,” says CUTX employee Silvana Best.

   CUTX is uniquely positioned as a Trusted World sponsor and network partner, meaning branch managers can order Trusted World resources members when they see the need. CUTX’s Chief Marketing Officer, Eddie Army, describes how a branch manager helped a customer in their time of need. “We have a member who experienced a house fire.” When the branch manager learned the family had lost everything in the fire, they ordered clothing, food, and toiletries for the entire family. 

“It was amazing,” Army says, “because the person on the phone was talking to the member about their time of need and just having a lot of empathy for their situation. It was such a great thing to see that lightbulb go off and say, hey, Trusted World can help here. Let’s get them some help. To me, that’s a really powerful thing.

  Employee Jessica Rapozo agrees, saying, “Becoming a partner with Trusted World just gives us another facet to better serve our members. And if we do see members who are experiencing a hardship, we now have this service that we can offer them in a very dignified way, and it’s a beautiful partnership. We’re really excited.”

   Volunteerism aside, the CUTX sponsors three Trusted World routes to the tune of 300 thousand dollars a year and has since the beginning of 2022. From then until now, Trusted World says, CUTX has helped provide resources valued at 1.85 million dollars into those three routes, directly impacting the lives of 17 thousand North Texans. 

                                                 Charity Navigator Community Choice Award Update

   Trusted World did not make it to the 2023 Charity Navigator Community Choice Award finals but appreciates your support in voting and getting the word out. 

                                                                               Make a Difference

   If you’d like to help make a difference, go to TrustedWorld.org, click on volunteer experiences, and sign up. If you’d like to explore other ways to help, you can go to the same website, and under the ways to give link, click on needs to find the items the Network most needs. For clothing donations, one of our key sponsors, the Credit Union of Texas, has donation dropoff bins in every one of their North Texas branches. Next to the bin is a banner with a QR code if you want to donate money.

   You’ll find a complete list of dropoff bin locations on the Trusted World website.

  That’s a look at the headlines from around the Trusted World Network, where you can join us in helping people help people.