How Does Trusted World Work With The Schools

If you have ever met a Trusted World employee, you've probably heard this story.

A school counselor or teacher comes across a child or family struggling. They know this because the child is wearing the same clothes every day, not because they want to, but because that is the only clothing option. Or the child is struggling with his/her peers because their shoes are held together with duct tape. The counselor's job is to help the children with their school academics, but they are not resting too well at night, knowing that this child and their family need help.

Up until now, they had had three options.

1. Refer the family to a local agency and hope that the family qualifies for assistance. If they do qualify, hopefully, they will receive an appointment within the next few weeks and be sent to a clothing closet or food pantry to receive the clothing and food that they need.
2. Dig into their wallet and ask other teachers in the lounge to help purchase items at Walmart or Kroger.
3. Do nothing.

Not anymore.

The school counselor and social workers can go online, use Trusted World's online ordering system, and place an order. Not just for that child but the entire family. Trusted World will deliver those orders to the school within 24/48 hours for the school staff to give the child/family resources.

More Than Just the Child

Trusted World believes in helping more than just the child. We address the entire family. We want to improve the family dynamics; this, after all, is how we can help address situational poverty.

Client Quotes

“The process that we use to obtain donations from your agency is very efficient and safe. I know that if I request a donation I will receive it in the timeline established. The donations we have received from your organization have benefited our students greatly. The food donations are very valuable for families ensuring they have enough food for the entire family to include all children.  The clothing donated has ensured our students have enough clothes for the week and they remain warm in the winter.  The request process that is in place is easy and efficient. The delivery process is very helpful and it allows me to use my time wisely.  Thank you very much for your service.”  – Mireya Rodriguez, LMSW, Social Worker, Meadows Elementary


“Wow!! The turn around time alone is wonderful!! I request clothes and get them in less than 24 hours!! Amazing!  When I need clothes quickly for our children I always submit an order to you.  It is such an easy form to fill out and does not take anytime at all! I love that!  No faxing, no back and forth.  Quick and efficient!!  Saves us time and money!!  Thank you for all you do!”  – Patsy Prochnow, Parent Liaison, Sigler Elementary School