The Benefits of Working with Trusted World

Trusted World’s Mission Statement:

Trusted World provides the best resources, at no cost, to individuals and organizations working on someone else’s behalf.

From 2014 to 2018, resources meant clothing, food, and toiletries. 

Then in 2018, Trusted World started to provide support services to our quickly growing network of partners. 

Now, in addition to clothing, food, and toiletries, resources mean:

Trusted Police Portal

Trusted World has an application that runs on an officer’s cell phone or car computer that allows them to order resources while on a call. 

The order gets routed to a central person in the department; usually, the crime victims advocate, who tracks which orders get routed to trusted World for fulfillment. This prevents officers on different shifts from helping a family that already has an order placed. It also alerts the victim’s advocate to families they didn’t know needed help, which allows for more follow-up and assistance.

Trusted Partner Portal

When you log in, you can now do the following:

Place clothing and food orders for your clients.

Track your order.

See all your past orders.

See if you already placed an order and see what you ordered.

Trusted Directory

Many of our partners used to ask us “Since you have so many partners, do you know anyone that does…”

This happened so much that we created a master directory that lists all of our 800+ partners by keywords. Such as Housing, mental health, and women’s services, to name a few. 

Unlike Google, we don’t list them by ranking rather we list them by distance from the location where you logged in at.

We realize that some of your clients do not have transportation. We have heard from many of our school partners that this is one of their favorite tools. 

Trusted Network News (TNN)

Our partners are always sharing success stories with us about how they were able to help a facing or change someone’s life just by using our services.

We were so touched by these stories that we decided to share them with everyone.

We decide to start our own News Network. TNN – Trusted Network News.

Hosted weekly by James Rose, he shares stories and highlights from our 800+ partners in the community.

Trusted Talks

With 800+ partners, some of them are doing wonderful, innovated things to help our community. We decided we wanted to promote some of them to the rest of the world.

In-depth interviews and presentations with some of our Network Partners. Our monthly presentation is something to look forward to.

Trusted Awards Breakfast

So many amazing partners

Once a year the awards committee and the staff of Trusted World select awardees from 7 categories.

Then we host a breakfast and let the world know how amazing we think these 7 awardees are.