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LifePath Systems Blazes New Trail in Connecting People with Mental Health Needs 


 North Texas nonprofit trades a clinical setting for the comforts of home to try and reach Collin County residents needing mental health services.

 LifePath Systems in Mckinney recently rolled out a pilot program called the Living Room. Deputy Clinical Officer Danielle Sneed says it’s a low-key place where clients can hang out, build trust and get help. “The idea behind the living room is to provide a nonclinical, welcoming environment for people who may not be established with mental health services.” Like a large day room with recliners and snacks, Sneed says the atmosphere allows them to feel welcomed, refreshed and connected. “It’s not a typical doctor’s office clinic, not going to see a ‘shrink’ but just an opportunity to focus on social and safety needs first and get connected when they’re ready.” In the first few months, Sneed says they’ve seen enough promising results to expand service hours to include weekends. LifePath Systems is a Trusted World Network Partner. 

To learn more about the living room program, go to TrustedWorld.org and click on Trusted Talks.

Partnering & Problem Solving

In the early stages of the pandemic, the United Way’s Senior Director of Health and Wellness, Daniel Bouton, says his organization struggled to deliver personal protection equipment to North Texas hospitals and other organizations. That is until he toured Trusted World’s donations processing facility. Bouton says seeing the organization’s innovative technology, delivery regimen, and vast network of partners made him realize the value and power of collaborative partnership. 

   “When I saw the operations and the facility and the smoothness of the way Trusted World delivers services, I was completely shocked by it. I couldn’t do it without Trusted World.” Bouton says the distribution of Personal Protective Equipment during the pandemic was one of the most significant challenges for the United Way. 

   “They helped me with, number one, storing all these thousands and thousands of PPE and the delivery to all of these nonprofit organizations and putting them in the hands of people that needed them.”

   Technology and collaboration aside, Bouton says the organization’s overall efficiency impressed him enough to join Trusted World’s Board of Directors. 


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