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   Welcome to this week’s Trusted World Network News, where we share stories of hope, impact, and innovation from within the network’s hundreds of North Texas organizations.   

   Volunteers are the lifeblood of any nonprofit; Trusted World is no different. What is different is its high-tech donation processing facility. Thousands of volunteers sort clothes, pack food boxes and toiletry kits each year, efficiently and effectively turning those public donations into millions of dollars of on-demand resources for the Trusted World Network’s 700+ partners.
   Atmos Energy employees spent the last week volunteering across North Texas to kick off their Year of Giving. Here’s why many chose Trusted World. “I like the concept; it’s simple. You can come in and just go to work. There’s not a whole lot of training to it.”  Atmos Energy employee, Blake Parker says, “Really anybody can just come in and make a difference.” 
   “Trusted World is truly the paradigm shift of making a difference in the community.” Atmos Energy’s Manager of Public Affairs, Eva Hummel says, Trusted World is about collaboration, not competing with other nonprofits. When you talk about community impact, I mean when you talk about 700 partners, 17 school districts, yes, Trusted World is making an impact!”
    Employees sorting clothes ensure only the best quality items go into the resource distribution pipeline. Parker adds, “It’s really beneficial to the community. It’s a great opportunity for us to come out and kind of pass our blessings on to somebody else.” Hummel’s first impression was powerful, “I was so impressed I joined the board of directors, and it is such an honor to be out the community telling the Trusted World story.”

     Organizations paying their people to volunteer, she says, demonstrates to their employees, customers, and even the community they are invested. Employee Jarrell Betts agrees saying, “We’re not just selling gas; we’re selling hope and opportunity, and safety to the public. So a company that invests in people and sees us as people and affords us this opportunity it’s just a really inspiring thing to work for a company like this.”

    Hummel says Trusted World brings everyone together in a positive way. “Organizations such as Atmos Energy and the others that are supporting Trusted World only feed into that energy and make the community a better place.”
    Trusted World expects to see more than seven thousand volunteers by the end of this year– nearly double last year. 

New Sponsor
     Santander Bank is the latest to join the ranks of Trusted World sponsorship. The 140,000-dollar donation commits resources to those in need in South-East Dallas. The sponsorship includes the purchase of a delivery van bearing Santander’s name and logo on it, along with all the resource bags delivered to the area. The year-long commitment begins November first. 
Share Your Stories
   Trusted World Network News is committed to sharing stories of impacthope, and innovation from its hundreds of network partners. There are powerful and uplifting stories of lives changed and people empowered across the network. If you’d like to share some of your organization’s success stories, log into your Trusted World “Partner Portal,” click the “Share my story” link on the bottom right, and send us your stories with pictures and video; we look forward to hearing from you. 
   That wraps up this week’s news from around the Trusted World Network, where you can join us in helping people help people.