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2022 Trusted World Volunteer Challenge Victors

   Trusted World is the backbone of those 800 partners, providing quality resources on demand within 48 hours and at no cost. 

    In 2022 Trusted World provided $2.4 million worth of resources to its partners, directly impacting the lives of 28,000 North Texans.  

    Volunteers are a critical component of the operation’s overall success, the organization says. In 2022, volunteers donated more than 12,000 hours last year. Trusted World Founder and CEO Michael Garrett names the top three corporations making the most significant impact and the winner of the Trusted World Volunteer Challenge. “We could not do any of this without volunteers from companies like Texas Instruments, AAA, State Farm, and many others who pay their employees to give back to the community. Plus, the thousands of local families and individuals here in North Texas,” Garrett says.

   Topping the 2022 Trusted World Challenge with 582 volunteer hours is Texas Instruments taking first place. The Credit Union of Texas came in second with 512 volunteer hours, and State Farm in 3rd with 335 volunteer hours. 

   Trusted World Challenge champions describe the experience as “really organized,” says Jesse Baker. Shrey Saraswat says, “It’s amazing. I think we’re doing great work.” Elizabeth Higgins finds it rewarding, “the experience was really nice. It’s nice to give these people in need- not only clothes but; clothes of great quality and just showing that the community is there for them.”

    Throughout last year, Trusted World says, Texas Instruments volunteers came in numbers, sometimes by the busload. After a quick tour of the facility and process, even first-timers embraced the methodology and mission of helping people overcome situational poverty. The Trusted World way of sorting donations of clothing and shoes requires multiple quality checks before putting items into the distribution pipeline. 

    Volunteer Katy West explains, “Trusted World really takes it upon themselves to ensure that at each stage it’s checked. And so, you have at least three checkpoints that show, hey, this is a good quality piece. Which is really what is necessary because it gives the people who are receiving the clothes dignity.” 

    In 2022, volunteers helped Trusted World provide 2.4 million dollars of quality resources to its 800 North Texas partners.   

    Baker gets the big picture, “This central idea is to have one organization where all these other organizations can come for resources, I think, is really important.”

    Trusted World Partners with people and organizations on the front lines of situational poverty, forming a network. It’s comprised of police officers, nonprofit case managers, and school counselors. Providing those partners with quality resources on demand empowers them to help when they see the need. Last year volunteers made it possible to help 28,000 North Texans.  

“I was a school teacher for four years… and so I’ve definitely seen students in need, and families in need, and so to know Trusted World is behind the scene providing clothes, shoes, toiletries, and food for families that are in need is really cool, and it’s a blessing to be a part of, says Baker. ” 

   For every hour of sorting clothes, the Trusted World staff explains, volunteers are helping to clothe as many as ten people. “That’s really amazing! I mean, one hour is really not that much time. Just think about what you could do if you came once a week for one hour. That’s Fifty-two weeks in a year that would be helping 520 people,” says West.

   Saraswat says, “I think it’s a great cause. I’ve never done anything like this, and I’m very invested in it. More so than I thought I would be.”

   TI volunteer Kelly Pahl says Trusted World’s mission has synergy with TI, “This is like a perfect place for a TIer to come volunteer, we’re all process-oriented and efficient, and so you give us a repeatable job like this, and we can knock right through it.”   

   Volunteers say having an employer –who helps them –help– so many North Texans –is rewarding, “I’m really proud to be part of a company that actually invests in its community and cares and is trying to make a difference,” says TI volunteer, Baker Herrin. 

   Trusted World will throw a giant pizza party in honor of TI volunteers taking first place. It will be on the Texas Instruments campus. 

 New Delivery Van with Sponsor Logo

    Santander’s year-long sponsorship of Trusted World’s SouthEast Dallas route now has a brand-new delivery van bearing its name and logo. Wrapped and ready, it’s now on the road providing resources to partners in that area.   

   That’s the headlines from around the Trusted World Network for the first week of January, where you can join us on this journey of helping people help people.