Helping People Help People

Who We Are:

Trusted World is committed to providing the best resources, at no cost, to organizations that are providing services on someone else’s behalf.

What We Do Locally:


We work with more than 600 organizations that have ongoing programs to help children, families, and communities around North Texas. Our partners are humanitarian organizations that have deep experience and a long-term presence in the community they serve.



Trusted World receives clothing, food, and personal care products from all over North Texas.  Once received, our volunteers inspect each item and then sort the donations by gender, size, and style.

Once sorted, the items are placed into our inventory system for our partnering agencies to order from us online.

By providing these resources to other non-profits at no cost, we eliminate their need to collect, sort, and process the resources, giving the nonprofit more time to focus on their core competencies, serving people in need.


Trusted World serves transition homes, police departments, fire departments, sheriff’s departments, schools, church benevolence, and many others. Our service area is all of North Texas.

We receive donations of clothing, food, and personal care items regularly. All our items are barcoded, counted, and go through quality checks to make sure we are providing the best resources. Once an order is fulfilled, it is either picked up by the organization or delivered by our delivery driver.



Giving shouldn’t come with hidden costs, so we cover expenses to transport and distribute all orders.



We are always learning. We assess the impact through partner feedback, site visits, and field studies. Then we adapt to make it even more effective.

For additional information or questions email us – [email protected]


Meet Bob

Trusted World does not work directly with the public. Trusted World provides clothing, food and person care items to organizations and case managers. Trusted World does not offer case management services.

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For additional information or questions, please email [email protected] or call  (877) 729-0806.