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It happens to every one

Unforeseen Event

Not everyone can respond from this event. Sometimes the unforeseen is so large it changes our lives forever.

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Help where you can


We have many ways where you can help. From local opportunities, to work done around the world.


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Helping others

Find out more about what we do and how you can help us.  We love helping people out and getting them back on their feet.


100 Million
795 Million
Without Food
783 Million
Without clean water
2.25 Billion
Living in poverty
Help as a group

Food Packing Events

Want to help as a group? Have a bunch of friends that want to make a difference in the world? We do food packing events.

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Urgent Cause

Keep Refugee Children Warm

Help us provide warmth for refugee children. There are over 2 million refugees in the Northern Kurdish Territory in Iraq. Most of these refugees are children. Most of them only have what they were able to carry when they were...
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