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Welcome to Trusted World

The Mission of Trusted World
TRUSTED WORLD builds life-sustaining communities that provide for the basic needs of under-resourced people in underdeveloped regions of the world.

WE LEVERAGE TECHNOLOGY-We continually research and leverage the latest technologies to provide for the physical and educational needs of Communities of Care.

WE DEVELOP STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS-We research and partner with others organizations who are competent in areas that TRUSTED WORLD is not. We don’t replicate products and services already developed by other organizations. Rather we partner with organizations and leverage and (in some cases) repurpose their models, products, and services for integration into TRUSTED WORLD’S models.

WE MAKE OUR MODELS REPLICABLE-We develop transferable (written) processes that can be easily replicated by others. We train and support franchisees who can replicate Trusted Communities without the resources and day-to-day involvement of TRUSTED WORLD. We develop and apply evaluation criteria to quality-assurance processes for franchisees.

WE ASSESS FIRST AND THEN PLAN-We develop assessment processes and tools, and then fully use them to determine the needs of regional communities before developing operational plans and beginning the work of building Trusted Communities.

WE ASSURE SUSTAINABILITY-We raise funds stateside to build and launch Trusted Communities. We then involve in-country donors and revenue sources to sustain the Trusted Community once it has been built and functioning in a healthy way for three years.

Some of Our Featured Projects