Trusted Network News #36

Value of TW Volunteer Experience    More than 12 thousand volunteers came to Trusted World last year, […]

Trusted Network News #35

Garland Police Embrace Partnership                 The Garland Police Department is doubling […]

Trusted Network News #34

https://youtu.be/Vn2VSEEcV-s  May Impact     The May impact numbers show Trusted World provided resources valued at $154,348.68, helping […]

Trusted Network News (TNN) #33

https://youtu.be/1Dl2DdnLWqA Personal Impact of Volunteering    “It’s very humbling, and it’s energizing,” says Keith Ogboenyiya, a first-time […]

Trusted Network News(TNN) #32

https://youtu.be/tkCzpe3uYdw    From Unaware to Ardent Ambassador     “I had never heard of them in my life,” says […]

Trusted Network News #31

Big Impact Collaboration     “I just get more excited about what we can do together as a […]

Trusted Network News (TNN) #30

  Garland Provides TW World HQ Site     The City of Garland makes a historic announcement during […]

Trusted Network News – April 24th 2023

https://youtu.be/7j2YGRiZMzE North Texas Nonprofit Competition     The annual United Way of Metropolitan Dallas’ Social Innovation competition brings […]

Trusted Network News – 4/10/23

March Impact and Efficiency Trusted World’s impact in North Texas continues to grow, with $154,000 worth of […]

Trusted Network News – 4/3/23

              Professional Athletes & Corporate Volunteers       Trusted World sees all […]